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I believe everyone deserves a good chance... I had mine. I know what it can do for you!

I am committed to help people find effective ways to reach their goals, their visions. We deserve it! Education
of any level and a good strategy, always open up great opportunities, attracts joy and prosperity into our lives.

I also believe the world could use better prepared role-models--reason why I am an advocate for preparation. I want us to learn and appreciate the History of the Entertainment Industry and those who paved the road before us. I want us to work hard to be our best; to be responsible with our influence and to build a sustained successful career.

 We need more Positive influences everywhere, especially in the media, to help our current and younger generations.

My grandmother was my first great mentor. She never learned how to read or how to write, but
she was the wisest person I've ever met. As a kid, growing up around extreme  poverty, she gave me
through simple words the key to succeed in life: Faith in myself in spite of circumstances, the value of
forgiveness and the strength to overcome fear.

Gratefulness keeps me going. I'm paying forward empowering the current, up and coming generation of talent and creative minds in the media. I thank God, America my Home, my family, my friends, my mentors and everyone who  chooses to work with me for the opportunity to be part of their experience. 
And lastly,

When I was 13, my father told me on his deathbed that he'd realized how much time he'd spent
working so hard to have things, to save money, and to live up to other's expectations, and he could not
take any of it with him. First time I saw deep sadness in my father's eyes. He said he regretted not doing
more of what he really loved and enjoyed... He made me promise I would not make the same mistake...
Those were his last words to me.

... I did listen. I still am...

Alejandro Jesus Riley.



Time to step up and be prepared like an Olympian!

The usual dilemma is that you've been taking acting and auditioning classes, reading; auditioning, without really getting much results.
Yes, you have representation... or not yet but looking; and you've done a few things here and there, bragged about and settle for it, but... you and I know that is not the goal of a working professional. The goal is to build and to sustain a consistent successful career.

I find that most people tend to follow everyone’s “You should do this or that list,” of Myths without seeing results for their efforts.
Myth #1 being: It will take you years and years before you become a working actor?  Well, you certainly will, if you are unprepared and misguided
Truth is, there are people out there booking every day! People like you, with your same passion and goals. The real question is, "What sets them apart?" Something beyond a resume gets them noticed. Now, I'm not talking looks, perfect height or specific physical conditions. L.A and New York are filled with great looking people who have been trying as hard as everyone else without much success either; so what is it?  

We can 't buy an authentic dynamic and magnetic "presence;" one have to earn it. The problem surges when in spite of following everyone's must do, you still feel lost and confused; and it feels better to join the popular excuses circle instead of taking progressive actions.
My question is, "Does all that really make sense to you?" 

I want to invite you for an opportunity to do something about it! A chance to revamp your strategy, increase your potential, and re-ignite your inner
fire in order to make better choices and get better results.

What do you need, you may ask? Willingness to learn, to work hard and to train like an Olympian. It's going to take work.

 I want to help you not only expand your knowledge of the Industry but how to effectively improve your career management skills and organization. I want to provide you with tool to find your own answers and to help you structure your progress.  Why is this even important? Because in our industry, rather than just booking you want to be remembered! You, always, want to leave a solid, authentic and lasting impression with every opportunity you have.

It's going to take work, yes! Let me say that again, it's going to take WORK; but you will develop effective self-evaluating methods to overcome your greatest personal
challenges; and to ensure that not one day goes by without improving personally and as a working professional.

The real question is, are you ready to do the work?

AJ Riley


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